Monday, August 3, 2009

I am starting a freelance web developement business. What is fair compensation?

I know that there is probably a startup cost of about $50 - $75 per page, but is there a monthly maintenance fee in addition to that, or how is it usually done?

- Hosting not included

-Maintenance meaning keeping the site up to date and updating it according to the customer's needs.
I am starting a freelance web developement business. What is fair compensation?
Those rates seem fair. The maintance fee is based on your time. You should charge no less than $100 per hour.

I need to build a web site. Which program should I use and why? Dreamweaver? FrontPage? Other?

I would like to build a site for a family run hotel. Nothing fancy, but my only requirements would be for frequent updates and a page to collect reservation information, such as which days, email, phone #, address, names, etc - it would *not* be an online reservation system. Any recomendations on a good "off the shelf" program that would preferably be compatible with Yahoo hosting. Thanks!
I need to build a web site. Which program should I use and why? Dreamweaver? FrontPage? Other?
Frontpage is easy and a fast publisher, easy to use with database.

Frontpage cannot create flash, jpeg, png, gif files.. those are all multimedia files created by various other applications.

dreamweaver is high end web designing software.

you probably won't need dreamweaver.
I need to build a web site. Which program should I use and why? Dreamweaver? FrontPage? Other?
use frontpage, and contract a mailer for collecting info
Reply:frontpage is simple and easier,but dreamweaver is the best.problem is that it ll take quite long time to learn how to build a site with focus on frontpage..
Reply:I use Notepad, but I also drive a stick shift and have the last manual-focus 35mm film camera in Stanislaus County.

Since I maintain the web site for my church, I subscribe to a mailing list for church web site keepers in my denomination. Most of their sites make mine look like child's play and apprentice work, but my content has better puns.

Their collective opinion is that Front Page makes horrible, bloated ugly code; every time you scratch your ear it throws in another %26lt;font%26gt; tag, and if you don't watch it carefully it will fix the text size so your visitors cannot adjust it to suit their needs. It throws in "聽" every time you breathe, too.

Most of them like Dream Weaver.

I have recently started a web design business and am looking for any tips or advice that may help?

I am looking for tools/tips to making a professional website, as well as tools/tips on flash, flash intros, hosting, free/inexpensive flash tools.
I have recently started a web design business and am looking for any tips or advice that may help?
I found the most time consuming was creation of graphics. I have Adobe Photoshop, COrel and Macromedia software but the MOST productive software is XARA Webstyle and also try Swish and SwishMAX (for Flash) and is much easier to use than FLASH. XARA is great for QUICK graphics. Look them up on the internet or be nicer and go to my website and click the links to XARA so I can get an affiliate bonus, either way - you have to try XARA.

Need help designing a web site?

I am trying to develop a website for Nashville moms. I have no idea where to start. I have already bought the hosting package and domain and everything but I need help with the designing because I don't know how to create login and account setup and stuff like that... is an example of what I am going for. Can anyone help me?
Need help designing a web site?
For account setup and logins you will need a database, to store account info etc..

If you dont know PHP/MYSQL you will need someone to do this for you , or you'll need to get a tutorial.

If you just want a login area to protect parts of the site.. then use, they have lots of free website tools, as well as premium services.

Hope that helps.

PS. Lee's suggestion is good for the design, but please keep in mind that images on the cafemom website and possibly the design will have copyrights attached... You may potentially be opening yourself up for a lawsuit if you keep/use any of the images.
Need help designing a web site?
when u kno tell me too: (plz plz plz!)
Reply:When you are on the web site , save the files to a directory for each page you look at. Save the graphics in the same place.

You need a webpage program for doing web pages. Load each .html file one by one and edit to suit your needs and taste, then save them. Once you have everything done, then you can upload it to a free web hosting site.
Reply:Begin with setting up your own webpage as your current internet provider will provide free hosting as discussed below.

If you are currently a paid Internet subscriber, you are entitled to a "homepage" which often contains simple navigation and editing tools. And if you use the Netscape browser, the built-in Composer feature is a superior HTML authoring tool which is totally free. You can easily generate a full-blown website as a Homepage.

Nevertheless, the "homepage" URL is likely to be " name" and that URL can easily be overwritten via a redirection service, i.e., "" which allows you to link any registered domain name to "mask" another website. For example, should you type in the "domain name," you will be immediately transported to the homepage and the hompage URL of a homepage URL which will be masked by the domain name. And the charge for the redirection service [even at] is normally FREE.

When you acquire a domain name, connect it using a redirection service [as discussed above] and submit/publish the domain name on major search engines/directories in order for Net surfers to find your website.

Good luck!
Reply:The best way i can think of is to get a server that you can put your own program on, that way you can have login names/passwords, a place for them to upload their pics, and then a place for them to put there stories on the and then they could edit them to. there is a way to set up a site but my understanding you would have to have them email you there pics and then you would have to put them up your self, and by having your own server program they can do it themselves, but you would need to hire someone to make the program for you unless you know how to do it yourself.

california pomegranates

Which U.S-based web hoster is the best?

I need a U.S based hosting service that includes the features:

- php

- mysql (%26gt;100 databases, import possible)

- SSL certificate available

+ of course all of the standard features.

Thank you!
Which U.S-based web hoster is the best?
I would like to suggest following webhosting which I use, they are excellent.


They offer hosting of "unlimited domains" and you will get massive webspace of 300000 MB (300 GB ). They only charge $5.95/month and they offer "a free Domain Name" and installing service called "Fantastico". By using Fantastico, you could create own forum, photo gallery, shopping cart (e-commerce),your own auction site and your own blogs within few seconds. They also offer "Free Website Builder" as well.

Visit the site to check details.


More hosting visit


If you would like free ad-free hosting, try
Which U.S-based web hoster is the best? - without a doubt. I think you'll agree.

Help with uploading a web page please?

i'm a complete novice. i have a hosting package and have written a basic homepage with html in notepad. i uploaded it into a folder called public_html on my ftp address that i was provided with. this worked fine but now i want to update it. i've repeated the process, deleted my orignal upload from the publi folder and placed my new html folder in but nothing has changed on my site. how do i update it please.

sorry if this is gobblegook, i'm a complete novice
Help with uploading a web page please?
If you are using an programming and uploading the file to the public_html, you shouldn't have any problems. I would check to make sure the file(s) have the exact name and extention (.html) it should (index.html for the main page) or that you are dropping it in to the right place (the main file).

Try refreshing the page in your browser also. What do you "see" online when you go to the page you've uploaded?
Help with uploading a web page please?
It sounds like you've performed all the right steps. Go to your browser, hold down Control and Shift, and while doing so click reload/refresh.

If that doesn't resolve the problem, did you have to do anything after your initial FTP to make the page display? You may have to repeat it every time you upload.
Reply:make sure that you've manually refreshed your browser. you could still have to old page cached locally in your browser. go the the your page's URL and then manually refresh with F5 or the refresh button. that should help.

I'm starting a Web site for professional purposes, how can I find what I need?

I need:

- A domain name.

- A hosting service.

- (most important): open source software for establishing a community (discussion area, download area, blog area, user management...).

- anything else?
I'm starting a Web site for professional purposes, how can I find what I need?
In many cases your Internet Service Provider will offer a small amount of free hosting, but that鈥檚 usually sufficient for getting started. If you discover that you need more than what they provide both Yahoo and offer hosting packages along with a domain name registration service.

As for designing the site, you didn't mention if you knew HTML or if you had a web page editor, but many web hosts offer easy to use tools for setting up your first site. You鈥檒l soon outgrow them, though, and want something better so I would suggest learning HTML and try picking up the free Matrix Y2K to use as an HTML editor. You can find it here:

If you decide to get more professional Macromedia鈥檚 Contribute and Dreamweaver are excellent WYSIWYG web editors.

For many beginners, the best way to start is with a free account on or a paid, but very cheap, account on You鈥檒l get web hosting, easy to use content tools, and many other benefits.

But if you want to sell anything online you may need an e-commerce solution. I recommend going to someone like or Yahoo Merchant Services at They鈥檒l help you get your ecommerce site up and running.
I'm starting a Web site for professional purposes, how can I find what I need?
A good host provides all that, check out appliedi! 99.9% uptime over the last 7 years here.
Reply:I agree with bob, one of the other users that has answered your question. I've been using as my web host. Last time I checked, they had a promotion where you can get 2 years hosting for $50. This includes upto 5 databases, open source software (WordPress blog, PHP-BB, ecommerce etc.). You can access all these features via the easy to use vdeck control panel.

I'm sure many other hosts provide pretty much the same features, but this is the only one I have experience with.

Best of luck!!